Find a Patent Attorney: Invention Security and Protection

There are numerous advantages to getting a patent, such as preventing others from copying your invention, higher profit margins, and protection from the competition for a specified length of time. If you are concerned with protecting your invention rights, then it might be time to find a patent attorney. Here are some of the tasks that an experienced patent attorney can help you with:

  • Determine whether or not your invention is patentable – In addition to being novel, an invention must also be useful and not obvious in order to receive a patent.
  • Documentation – There are numerous documents that are required in a successful patent; these range from descriptions and claims, to drawings and various other forms.
  • Patent Research – Hiring a professional to handle the patent research process could potentially save you from spending thousands of dollars on attempting to patent an invention that might already exist.

Cost   Since there are so many different variables involved with obtaining a patent, there is no definitive answer regarding exactly how much it costs to obtain a patent. If you have an invention and are interested in pursuing a patent, then the patent search and filing fees are typically based upon the degree of complexity related to respective inventions. For example, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has established several different categories of complexity, ranging from extremely and relatively simple, up to highly complex and software-related. So, those inventions classified as highly complex will typically cost more to patent. Some firms offer a flat-fee patent search model that provides the funds to hire a professional searcher, as well as pay for an attorney’s time reviewing the results and consulting with you to make the proper decision on whether to move forward with a patent application.   Although it’s possible to file a provisional patent application yourself, it’s strongly recommended to find a patent attorney to identify patent filing strategies with respect to:

  • Patentability
  • Freedom to operate
  • Drafting provisional and non-provisional utility or design patent applications
  • Foreign filing of a patent application
  • Initiating and conducting reexamination/post-grant review proceedings
  • Enforcing the rights of any patent holders through thoughtful, cost-effective, and intelligent litigation strategies.

USPTO: Contact a Registered Patent Attorney   Even the USPTO strongly advises inventors to contact a registered patent attorney or agent because the patent application and examination process is very complex. Even though they can’t recommend specific law firms, they do provide a list of patent attorneys that are registered, such as those at the Concept Law Group. The Concept Law Group can advise you regarding the different types of patents and help you navigate through the application process. But, probably the most important service provided by patent attorneys is enforcing your rights to the fullest extent the law allows.   The Concept Law Group would like to learn more about your invention and explain your options via a free 30-minute consultation. You can start the process here.