Infringement Search: Copyright Lawsuit News

Recent news indicates that some major American department store retail chains, fast food restaurants, and even comedians are being sued for copyright infringement…

  1. Chin vs. Kohl’s – Lili Chin, a Los Angeles illustrator, filed a $1 million copyright infringement lawsuit against Kohl’s. The lawsuit alleges that the department store chain, along with its manufactures, used some of Chin’s drawings on clothing items, including T-shirts and socks, without her permission. A proper infringement search should have indicated that the images Chin created of her Boston Terrier were in fact protected via a copyright symbol on her posters. The retailer continues to market the items, so Chin has demanded a jury trial. Since most retailers simply offer a settlement out of court upon receiving similar complaints from artists, this case could have serious implications regarding US copyright laws.


  1. Berreau McDonald’s – It appears that even the world’s largest chain of fast food restaurants isn’t immune to copyright infringement lawsuits. McDonald’s is being sued for an unspecified amount of damages by the late artist Dash Snow’s current estate manager Jade Berreau for copying and using his graffiti tag to decorate some of their restaurants. Berreau submitted a formal complaint to McDonald’s in June 2016 requesting that the fast food chain remove the graffiti tag created by Snow titled “SACE.”


  1. Kaseberg vs. Conan O’BrienDid you know that US Copyright laws are meant to protect literary works including written jokes? It’s true, and according to the US Copyright Office, “your work is under copyright protection the moment it is created and fixed in a tangible form that it is perceptible either directly or with the aid of a machine or device.” The Kaseberg lawsuit alleges that comedian Conan O’ Brian, along with his team of writers, stole jokes from Robert “Alex” Kaseberg’s blog. The jokes were slightly modified and used in one of Conan’s monologues. Conan and his staff denied committing any copyright infringement citing fair use and independent creation in their defense.

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