Yongae Jun
Registered Patent Attorney
Yonge Jun is a Registered Patent Attorney who focuses her practice on patent and trademark prosecution and litigation.
Registered Patent Attorney

About Yongae

Yongae has worked on trademarks in virtually every area of commerce and patents in subject areas including Internet and mobile device software, augmented reality devices, microcontrollers, touch screens, digital cameras, refrigeration coolants, medical devices, anti-aging compositions, cancer treatments, household appliances, exercise equipment, construction tools, apparel, tires, luggage, signage, fiber creel machines, and many more.

Yongae worked at Lockheed Martin as a member of the hardware group assigned to the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) Simulator and as Lead Software Engineer on the gimbal servo-control software module for a new naval destroyer tracking system.

Ms. Jun has extensive experience with trademarks as well as patents in the mechanical, electrical, software, and chemical arts.