Trademark Attorneys: Avoid Domain Name Disputes

Since domain names are granted on a first come, first serve basis, domain name disputes are very common. If you are a business owner looking to secure a domain name for your brand, then you may want to consider consulting a lawyer that specializes in the protection of these trademarks, because it’s an area of law that is quite complex. In addition to protecting your intellectual property, retaining an attorney also has a number of other advantages directly related to trademarks including:

  • brainstorming & Trademark creation
  • searching for existing trademarks
  • filing trademark applications
  • trademark portfolio management
  • Monitoring potential infringers
  • Recording Trademark transactions
  • litigation support

Establishing an online presence is paramount in order to remain competitive in the modern business world. Thus, choosing a domain name is one of the most significant decisions that any business owner will have to make. Business owners are encouraged to include either a location or pertinent keywords in their domain names. Including a location will help ensure that local customers are able to efficiently access your products and services upon completing an online search. But, one of the most important elements of any domain name is including industry relevant keywords in the domain name. Further, a business owner should always register the domain name under his or her respective name. This will ensure proper domain name ownership, and help avoid costly disputes if a business partner claims the domain name in the future. It’s also important to remember to renew domain names on a regular basis to prevent them from being bought-out by third parties. Another common mistake made by business owners is using abbreviations or dashes in the domain name. This can result in reduced web traffic because hyphenated and abbreviated names are more difficult to recall. The trademark attorneys at The Concept Law Group, P.A. advise clients to research available domains prior to purchasing them to avoid domain name disputes and legal trouble. It’s also recommended to avoid extensions other than .com, unless you are concerned with a competitor purchasing the other extensions. Consulting a lawyer that specializes in trademark law can also help you restore social media accounts that have been suspended or removed and file complaints with the appropriate authorities. If you have questions about domain name disputes, or are involved in a domain name dispute, contact us today.