Trademark Infringement News: Counterfeit Goods

In other Florida intellectual property news, the French boutique company Hermes International and Hermes of Paris Inc. recently filed a complaint against several e-commerce stores alleging trademark infringement. The company is claiming that the sites are benefiting financially from selling counterfeit versions of its goods online.   The complaint also claims that the French company’s reputation was damaged due to inferior products bearing the Hermes marks being sold to customers.

The following lawsuit seeks to hold the following domains accountable for selling counterfeit products online:, and   The plaintiffs filed the lawsuit via the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, and are seeking treble damages, statutory damages in the amount of $2 million per each counterfeit trademark used, statutory damages in the amount of $100,000 per cyber-squatted domain name used, all legal fees and any additional relief award by the court.   If you want to learn more about trademark infringement, then The Concept Law Group offers all potential clients a free 30-minute consultation so that we can fully understand your business, how and where you are using your trade or service mark, and can explain your options for protecting the same.

During the initial consultation, we will explain in great detail the steps necessary to protect your trade or service mark and the expected costs associated therewith.  For instance, in many circumstances, we will recommend you start with a trademark search to see what exists that might be an obstruction to obtaining a trademark or service mark registration.  Our firm has a flat-fee $295 trademark search model that covers the searcher’s time and pays for an attorney’s time reviewing the results and consulting with you to make the proper decision on whether to move forward with a trademark application.