We represent individuals, small-to-medium size businesses, as well as large international corporations. Our attorneys have many years of experience offering sound and cost-effective advice with regard to the protection of trademarks, service marks, and certification marks.
  • Brainstorming and trademark creation;
  • Trademark searches (both in the state of Florida and nationally);
  • Advice on the freedom to use and register marks;
  • Filing Trademark applications both in the United States and internationally;
  • Inter partes proceedings, such as opposition and petition to cancel proceedings;
  • Regulating and managing a company’s Trademark portfolio;
  • Regulating maintenance and renewals associated with Trademarks;
  • Watching services for monitoring potentially infringers;
  • Advice on infringement and commercially-minded assistance in resolving trademark disputes;
  • Enforcing clients’ trademark rights against any party who misappropriates those rights;
  • Defending clients alleged to have misappropriated a party’s trademark rights;
  • Drafting and recording trademark transactions such assignments and licenses; and
  • Strategic advice on the management of trademark portfolios, including assistance on streamlining and budgeting.
  • We also provide litigation support to law firms desiring the assistance of knowledgeable and experienced trademark litigation attorneys.
  • Please contact us for a free consultation. Remember, everything worth doing starts with a Concept!

Trademark Topics


You have a new business, product, or service name or logo that you would like to secure exclusive rights to; now what?  What questions should you be asking, who should you trust, what is an attorney going to charge to help you?  These and many more are the questions we hear almost daily from our new clients.  First of all, take a deep breath and relax; this is what we do.

The Concept Law Group offers all potential clients a free 30-minute consultation so that we can fully understand your business, how and where you are using your trade or service mark and can explain your options for protecting the same.  During the initial consultation, we will explain in great detail the steps necessary to protect your trade or service mark and the expected costs associated therewith.

For instance, in many circumstances, we will recommend you start with a trademark search to see what exists that might be an obstruction to obtaining a trademark or service mark registration.  Our firm has a flat-fee $650 trademark search model that covers the searcher’s time and pays for an attorney’s time reviewing the results and consulting with you to make the proper decision on whether to move forward with a trademark application.

If we recommend moving forward with a trademark application, we will tell you exactly what it will cost to file your mark. The cost varies based on the number of factors, such as whether you are currently using the mark or intend to use it in the future, the number of “classes” the mark will be filed in, and the manner in which we file it. We will request an appropriate retainer based on these factors.

Once the retainer is received, we file trademark applications rather quickly, i.e., within a day or two. After the application is filed, an Examiner in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) conducts a search to determine whether he or she finds the mark registrable. Of course, we expect and hope the examining attorney approves your application. If he/she does, the mark is published in the PTO’s Official Gazette.

If the examining attorney does not initially approve the application, we may be required to file a simple amendment responding to his/her objections. A simple amendment generally costs between about $50 – $400.

If the examining attorney raises more complex issues, e.g., cites a prior-filed registration against us, the amendment may cost as much as $1,000 or more, depending upon the complexity of the issues raised by him/her. These estimates are based on the amount of attorney time we believe will be necessary. Before we dedicate any time to responding to a rejection, we will discuss the matter with you and will only proceed upon receiving your specific instructions to do so.

In addition, any person who thinks they may be injured by the registration of your mark may object thereto by filing an opposition to the registration. This opposition is similar to any type of litigation. If no opposition is filed within 30 days, the mark is placed on the Federal Register. In our experience, oppositions are rare.

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