Trade Secrets

Trade secret law protects anything that (i) is a secret, that is, not generally known in your industry; (ii) has some value to your business; and (iii) is maintained by you as a secret. Trade secrets include customer and supplier lists, design and manufacturing specifications (e.g., drawings and processing specs), many aspects of R & D (research and development), business and marketing plans and internally distributed operating and procedural manuals (especially production manuals). Employment agreements, consultant agreements and confidentiality or non-disclosure agreements (NDA) are used to contractually protect trade secrets.

We work closely with our clients to protect their trade secrets. These trade secrets cover all fields of information, including technology, processes, and business plans. We help to design, negotiate, and enforce non-disclosure agreements (NDA) for our clients’ individual needs and goals. We also assist clients in the development and implementation of trade secret protection policies and procedures. We litigate trade secret misappropriation or theft in state and federal courts including both the Federal Defend Trade Secrets Act and Florida’s Uniform Trade Secret Act.

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