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Mr. Seepersad graduated with honors from the University of Miami School of Law and spent the first few years of his legal career practicing at one of Florida’s oldest, largest, and most prestigious law firms.

Subsequently, he joined the legal department at one of the nation’s leading Online Program Managers, where he spent a decade serving as in-house counsel and as a C level executive.

Mr. Seepersad has experience serving as General Counsel and Chief Strategy Officer leading legal, regulatory compliance, human resources, strategy and training departments.

Key university clients whom Mr. Seepersad supported include: University of Notre Dame, Villanova University, University of South Florida, Florida Institute of Technology, Jacksonville University, University of San Francisco, University of Scranton, New England College, and Michigan State University. High volume corporate clients whose proposals and contracts he negotiated include Boeing, Ernest & Young, U.S. Department of Defense, Oracle, Halliburton, Deloitte Consulting, Proctor & Gamble, Ryder, Sprint, Lockheed Martin and Intel, to name a few.

Mr. Seepersad’s skill as an attorney was recognized by the Tampa Bay Business Journal where he was a finalist for the Tampa Bay Top Corporate Counsel Award. His commitment to diversity and economic growth has been recognized by the White House Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

Business & Higher Education Attorney

Mr. Seepersad focuses his legal work on business and higher education law with specific emphasis on intellectual property rights, technology development and licensing, product development and revenue generation, digital advertising, professional services, and regulatory compliance. Over the last 15 years he has negotiated, drafted, and enforced thousands of agreements covering: Product Licensing, Intellectual Property Development and Management, Front End and Back End Technology Development and Implementation, Digital Advertising (Buying and Selling), Acquisitions, Divestitures, Website Policies (including Terms of Use, Data and Privacy Protection, Blog and User Generated Content, and E-Commerce, etc.), User Terms, Subscriber Terms, Terms of Purchase, Product Development, Manufacturing, Fulfillment, Distribution, Independent Contractors, Consulting Services, Agency Relationships, Professional Services, Purchasing, and Business Operations.

There are very few, if any, other attorneys currently in private practice anywhere in the nation, with Mr. Seepersad’s level of hands-on experience in negotiating, drafting, and enforcing legal agreements between colleges and universities and companies that support the same. As colleges evolved to expand their digital footprint and capabilities to increase online enrollments, enhance technology infrastructure, support regulatory compliance, and expand their online degree or certificate program offerings, Mr. Seepersad has been at the forefront of contract negotiations to facilitate this process.

Mr. Seepersad has significant knowledge and experience balancing elements that come into play as individuals, companies and universities navigate intellectual property rights management. During his career, he has been responsible for advising on, and negotiating, agreements that govern the intellectual property rights used in over a thousand products and offerings most of which were developed by corporations, university faculty, innovators, artists, authors, or other field subject matter experts.

As General Counsel, Mr. Seepersad has also led the legal efforts that supported the development of numerous technology platforms in various industry verticals. These verticals include online education, government disaster planning and mitigation, the internet of things, mobile cellular networks, medical applications, software-as-a-service solutions, consumer products, original equipment manufacturing, etc. Many of these agreements relate to development of sophisticated platforms that integrate multiple cutting-edge solutions with proprietary software. In the higher education arena Mr. Seepersad has negotiated numerous contracts covering digital advertising tools which were aligned with powerful optimization and attribution algorithms and comprehensive data management systems to manage and analyze the student life cycle from the nurturing of interest generation through graduation and lifelong learning trajectories. As a result, he has deep knowledge of the issues that arise when preparing  licensing and custom agreements that govern the development of technologies used to create highly integrated digital systems with powerful end to end tracking and data analytic capabilities.

In addition to the above, Mr. Seepersad has significant experience drafting contracts and navigating the compliance requirements relating to both the purchasing and selling of digital advertising. For example, during his legal career, Mr. Seepersad has overseen thousands of digital advertising agreements that ultimately generated billions of impressions through advertising placed on over thousands of web pages. Needless to say, Digital Advertising contracts covering content development and placing direct media buys are a way of life for him. Mr. Seepersad also has significant experience on the selling side of Digital Advertising as he has served as General Counsel negotiating and overseeing thousands of contracts to sell digital advertising to educational institutions seeking to advertise in certain sections of U.S. News and World Report.

Mr. Seepersad also has extensive experience with various regulations that come into play as universities offer online education programs. He has designed and led the training of hundreds of enrollment support staff and he has developed and implemented customized and sophisticated secret shopper programs that provide external third party validation of regulation compliance. Additionally, Mr. Seepersad has implemented and utilized cutting edge brand-monitoring tools and a closed loop process to identify, address and report on compliance with brand guidelines and education and advertising regulations.

In addition to focusing on his clients, Mr. Seepersad is committed to community development and growth. He has served on the National Board of Directors for the Museum of Industry and Science, and on the Tampa Bay Community Board for the American Diabetes Association.  He has also served on the School Advisory Board for Clark Elementary and Liberty Middle School and as a volunteer soccer coach. Mr. Seepersad has also authored articles on “Strengthening of Florida Wholesaler Permit and Pedigree Paper Requirement” and presented on “Current Legal Issues Impacting Florida’s Physicians”. He has served as a guest lecturer with the University of San Francisco covering the topics such as: (1) Preliminary considerations when purchasing Internet Advertising; (2) Negotiating Internet Advertising Agreements; and, (3) Unique Contract Features found in Internet Advertising Agreements. He was a speaker on Disruption in the Education Industry at Tampa Bay Business Journal’s Disruption Day. While in law school, Mr. Seepersad was Staff Editor and Symposium Co-Chair of the Inter-American Law Review and served as a Judicial Intern to the Honorable Judge Paul C. Huck at the United States District Court -Southern District of Florida and for the Hillsborough County Attorney Office in Tampa, FL.

When not practicing law or serving the community, Mr. Seepersad spends time with his wife and two children. His passion is for travel, food, and snorkeling. As a result, when not working or volunteering, he likes to spend time exploring one of the world’s tropical reefs or enjoying a good meal with friends.


Juris Doctor, May 2004 – Cum Laude.


  • University of Miami Inter-American Law Review – Staff Editor & Associate Editor.
  • University of Miami Inter-American Law Review- Co-Chair of Annual Symposium.
  • 11th Circuit Miami Scholar (Scholarship).
  • Florida Contract Law Teaching and Research Assistant.
  • Academic Achievement Program Dean’s Fellow.
  • A.L.I. Excellence for the Future Award for achievement.
  • Dean’s Achievement Award.

BARRY UNIVERSITY, Miami Shores, Florida.

Masters of Science in Human Resource Development and Administration, June 2001 –  Summa Cum Laude


  • President’s List (4 semesters).
  • Dean’s List (1 semester).

BARRY UNIVERSITY, Miami Shores, Florida.

Bachelors of Science in Exercise Physiology (Research Track), March 1999


  • Presidential Merit Scholar – Full Academic Scholarship.
  • President’s List (3 semesters).
  • Dean’s List (3 semesters).
  • John Graves Thompson Award (Most Outstanding Junior).
  • Inter-cultural Center Community Service Award.
  • Outstanding Freshman Award.
  • Honoree: Created Festival of Nations, university dedicated annual award in my name

(Ravi Seepersad Festival of Nations Award).

Business Law (Transactional, Corporate, Technology)

    – Negotiated and drafted agreements governing a highly complex $11,000,000 asset sale of a legacy business line and accompanying underlying proprietary legacy technology solutions while carving out and maintaining the ownership and right to operate newer unrelated business lines that leveraged common technology solutions with assets being sold.  This transaction involved the simultaneous negotiation and drafting of numerous complex legal agreements including the Purchase Agreement, Disclosure Schedules, Escrow Agreement, Transition Services Agreement, Financial Statements, Software License Agreements, Transition Trademark Licenses, and Assumed Agreements Terms.
  • Higher Education Law (Regulatory Compliance, Third Party Service Providers) – Assisted multiple Regionally Accredited Non-Profit Universities (including University of Notre Dame, Villanova University, Michigan State University, University of South Florida, New England College, Florida Institute of Technology, Jacksonville University, University of Scranton, University of San Francisco, and Saint Thomas University) with compliance relating to state licensure, Title IV (Federal Financial Aid), FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act), Higher Education Authorization Act, American Disabilities Act, Federal Trade Commission (including Do Not Call and deceptive advertising regulations), Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), and Data Security and Privacy regulations.
  • Business Law (Technology Licensing, Government Contracting) – Represented owner of SAAS platform used to process billions of dollars of federal emergency grant funding.  Prepared Software-as-a-Service Product Order and User Terms and negotiated multi-million dollar primary and secondary level government contracts for subscriptions to the above referenced SAAS platform. 
  • Higher Education Law (Third Party Service Providers, Regulatory Compliance, Intellectual Property) – Negotiated and drafted agreements governing the provision of third party services to various regionally accredited colleges and universities relating to course design, marketing, recruitment, enrollment support, financial aid support, faculty support, and learning management technology solutions.
  • Business Law (Digital Advertising, Compliance, Brand Management) – Negotiated and drafted agreements governing over $50,000,000 in marketing and advertising services related to Content Development, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Display Advertising, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, and Lead Generation.
  • Business & Higher Education Law (Digital Advertising, Technology, Intellectual Property, Regulatory Compliance) – completed multi-year effort to manage compliance for multiple reputable brands as they ran digital advertising across over 24,000 web pages generating approximately 1 billion impressions on an annual basis. 
  • Business Law  (Product Development & Commercialization) – Prepared agreements for numerous inventors, universities, and corporations governing end to end product life cycle, including but not limited to, Joint Development, Business Formation, Prototype Development, Licensing, Manufacturing, Warehousing, Distribution, Website Development, Technology Implementation, Marketing, Product Terms of Sale, Website Terms of Use, Data Protection, Privacy, E-commerce sales, etc.
  • Business Law (Technology Development, Intellectual Property) – Advised a major United States car manufacturer on intellectual property right matters relating to multi-million custom technology development agreements. 
  • Business Law (Entertainment, Product Commercialization) – Represented extraordinarily successful entertainment industry client in negotiating and drafting an agreement to establish a collaboration with a global beverage manufacturer to research, develop and market various new beverage product lines. 
  • Business Law (Product Commercialization) – Prepared multi-million dollar Exclusive Product Management and Distribution Agreement for noble prize nominated inventor. 
  • Business Law (Higher Education, Technology, Custom Software Implementation) – Negotiated and drafted multi-million dollar agreements governing implementation and use of various Customer Management Systems, including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Business Law (Technology, Product Development, Government Contracting) – Counseled emerging cellular services solutions provider in obtaining government contract with $13,000,000 projected value over a 5yr period. Also prepared proof of concept agreements, white papers, pitch deck, contractor statements of work, and manufacturing agreements. 
  • Business Law (Technology, Licensing, Development) – On behalf of Internet of Things (IoT) products and services provider, conducted transactional due diligence reviewing licenses governing approximately 250 open source elements integrated in client’s commercial technology solutions. Also prepared Professional Services Agreements, Product Terms of Sale, Warranty Policy, Website Terms of Use, and Privacy & Data Protection Policies.
  • Business Law (Technology, HIPPA Compliance, Licensing, Intellectual Property) – Advised well established medical industry technology provider on risk management and prepared Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) End User Agreement, Website Terms of Use, Acceptable Use Policy, and Privacy & Data Protection Policy for technology solution.
  • Business Law (Intellectual Property) – Prepared Master Joint Development Agreement for nationally recognized spinal surgeon.
  • Business Law (Corporate) – Assisted client in negotiations for executive level Music Curation & Programming role with Sirius XM Radio.  Specific focus on Compensation and Benefits (including Base Salary, Short and Long Term Bonus Packages, Stock Options, Relocation Package, Termination, Separation Package, Restrictive Covenants, Intellectual Property Rights, etc.
  • Business Law (Product Sales, Merchandising) – Advised successful author on legal issues relating to merchandising, e-commerce, product labeling, distribution & fulfillment. Prepared Terms of Sale and Returns Policies for e-commerce merchandise sales.

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