Alyse M.

Scott Smiley is the most dedicated, diligent and brilliant attorney, and he and his entire legal team at the Concept Law Group are absolutely amazing! Scott and his associates continue to go above and beyond, providing comprehensive analysis of IP, amazing follow through on responses, as well as in depth understanding of the importance on IP protection. I would highly recommend Scott Smiley and the Concept Law Group for any and all of your IP needs!

Mike F.

They are an unbelievable law firm! From day one, they stay fully dedicated to their clients and do not stop working. They worked tirelessly through weekends and holidays. You will not find any firm that is more intelligent and hard working than them. I found Alex and Scott to be the best attorneys I've ever dealt with. Do yourself a favor and retain their services immediately!

Richard S.

Mr. Brown and I represented opposing clients in a lawsuit. The case was highly contested and adversarial. Yet, despite us being on opposite sides of the case, I found Mr. Brown to be professional, ethical, well-prepared, and a strong advocate for his client. In my 25 years as an attorney, Mr. Brown is no doubt one of the attorneys who I respect most. I highly recommend him.

Jeff C.

I work really hard in disrupting the market with new products and designs. With that in mind I frequently need a patent lawyer to help me get my ideas down, research what else is out there and then protect my concepts as I begin working on the prototypes. Scott Garret and the team there are highly competent and very fast. I think we have done 3 patents there and have about 5 more in the pipeline. This month we also just settled a trademark disagreement with a multi-billion dollar Goliath company, yes - I said billion. I think we dealt with 3 different law firms that represented them. Needless to say - we won, our trademarks are good, they do not infringe or confuse. Adam Goldman understood their issues, clearly expressed our stance and answered their objections. It's nice not being bullied around and carving out your own space. I highly recommend The Concept Law Group.

Thomas L.

My experience with The Concept Law Group has been excellent! I highly recommend Mr. Alexander Brown and his team. Honest, reliable, professional, and get the job done. They exceeded all of my expectations. It was a great experience and I would definitely refer them to anyone that’s looking for help in that area. You are in good hands with The Concept Law Group!

James K.

We strongly recommend The Concept Law Group for technology patent work. While no firm can guarantee you a patent, we feel if they couldn't secure the patent, very few, if any firm could. We found The Concept Law Group to be straight forward, thorough, knowledgeable, and great to work with, through this sometimes difficult process. Yes we did get the patent!



I would and have recommended The Concept Law Group to many of my clients that are looking for an Intellectual Property Attorney for Patents, Trademarks, and Copyright applications. Scott and his staff of IP Attorneys have, in every case, delivered quality customer service and excellent legal advice in every situation. I highly recommend anyone that needs an IP Attorney to contact Scott Smiley at The Concept Law Group.



I began working with Scott Smiley back in 2010 and continue to this day. He handles all of my patent issues worldwide, including the complex issues that come with patent enforcement. He is one of the most brilliant, strategist and caring attorneys I have dealt with. It is a comfort knowing that you are working with an attorney who truly has your best interest in mind and will continue to work hard for a positive outcome.

Eric M.


I’m a serial inventor and have been dealing with The Concept Law Group for years. I couldn’t be happier with their services. They are very friendly, and don’t nickel and dime you for every little question or service. They are experts at explaining things in layman’s terms. Patent law can get pretty technical sometimes, and it helps to have a good explanation and interpretation of the patent office’s rulings. Honestly, I knew after just five minutes of talking with Scott Smiley, the head attorney, that his firm was for me. I’ve never looked back and have been extremely pleased with the help they’ve given me time and time again.

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